Farzana Rahman, DDS, MS

Dr. Farzana Rahman graduated with a doctoral degree in dental surgery from University of North Carolina in 1985. In 2002, she graduated from University of Michigan with her Master of Science degree in orthodontics and jaw orthopedics. She has gone on to develop her career as a successful practitioner of 17 years with a well-established practice in the area. Dedicating much of her career to her work, her goal is to impart her knowledge and skills to new practitioners.

Dr. Rahman is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists® and the American Dental Association®. She received training in the American Academy of Facial Esthetics on all levels of facial esthetics and participated in hands-on courses of orthodontic techniques.

For over 15 years, Dr. Rahman worked as a single mother, balancing work and raising her two sons. She knows all women are capable of that same effort and advocates for woman to feel accomplished as mothers, workers and daughters.

Meet Our Team

Our team is excited for the opportunity to meet you and your family. Here at Triangle Orthodontics and General Dentistry, we enjoy getting to know each of our patients by name. Our team members speak in English, Spanish and Urdu to help patients feel comfortable in our office. We strive to help patients learn about the benefits of healthy teeth and will do our best to give each of them a bright and lively experience with our team. Call us today at 919-968-0015 to learn more and make an appointment with our orthodontist in Durham, North Carolina, today!

Lisbeth – Insurance Coordinator

Lisbeth is a part of our insurance management. She enjoys the relationships she has with other members of our team and the patients she meets every day.

Maria H. — Front Desk

Maria is the face of the office. She enjoys being the first person the patients see when they arrive, and she values the communications between our orthodontist, patients and assistants. As a bilingual, she places a special effort on helping patients with their needs and questions to ensure they understand their treatment.

Maria H. — Dental Assistant II

Maria is a long-time dental assistant at Triangle Orthodontics and General Dentistry. As a bilingual, she works hard to provide quality care for the patients in the office. She will go the extra mile to answer questions and help the patients understand the process of dental procedures. Her favorite part of being a dental assistant is the fact that she gets to see people smile every day and tell her that they feel better.


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